Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weenie Roast 2010

Hi Everybody!
Wow, what a busy week! My daughter (Tara) and her husband (Chris) had their annual Weenie Roast last Saturday and boy was it a blast! The day started out as windy and rainy but by the afternoon the sun peaked out and it turned into a beautiful day! God provided us with a beautiful sunset to start our party. After the sun went down, the weather turned crisp and quite chilly. It couldn't have been any better - perfect for a bonfire and roasting weenies!

This year we expected about 180 to 200 people to attend so we had a lot of prep work in order to make it a success. The primary menu included weenies, chili, brownies carmel apples and smores. As usual, it was my job to make the chili, carmel apples and brownies. Tara was responsible for the hot dogs and smores.. lol

The chili is always a big hit. This year we expanded to three roasters of chili and 240 hot dogs. We started cooking the chili on Friday night and by Saturday night it was absolutely perfect. Jordan and Kaiden helped make the brownies and of course they couldn't resist sampling the batter to make sure it passed inspection. I know it's probably not a good thing to do, but we just couldn't resist!

A huge thank you goes out to Phil, Terra and Whitey for helping to supply the wood for the bonfire. Phil made a special trip on Friday to bring out one load and Whitey brought a second load on Saturday. That was a huge help and greatly appreciated!

Phil and Terra, sorry Whitey but somehow I didn't get a pic of you. The fire sure was enjoyed by everyone! It seemed to grow bigger and bigger as the night went on and the temperature dropped. The wood was greatly appreciated by all!

This year the band was a group called Royal Pain. They were awesome and everyone seemed to enjoy them. There was a lot of singing along and dancing going on throughout the evening! I tired to do a couple of videos of the band but alas, I sure won't get any Oscars for my film footage so I think I'll save you from the torture.

The kids all seemed to be having a great time. They really enjoyed the toys, the trampoline, the sand box, and the swing sets. And of course, the glow sticks were a huge success as well.

So I think everyone had a good time, or at least they look liked they were having fun.

By the end of evening, everyone and I mean everyone was exhausted but very content.

So that's it on Weenie Roast 2010. We went through all three roasters of chili - except for about one bowl full. All the hot dogs were gone except for about 10. The brownies and carmel apples were finished off early and two kegs of beer were drained down to their very last drop. A successful party if I do say so myself.

Have a great week, plumb full of smiles!


  1. Thanks mom I couldn't do it without you! You rock and I love you very much! By the way I try to help with the chili lol

  2. Oh man, you make me so home sick when you post this kind of stuff! LOL! Sure wish I could have been there to help out with the work and of course the fun! When is that handsome Trev going to get hitched? Tell him to quit being so damn picky! LOL! When I saw Jordan's head buried in Chris's shoulder, her profile is Tara to a tee! Didn't even need to see Brian's face. I know him simply by his stance! LMBO! Everett looks good. Was Jean able to make it too? Glad it all turned out so well. Again, sure wish I could have been there. Love you!

  3. Funny you mention being there I was just telling my mom how awesome it would be if we could get all of you to come to the weenie roast in October. We always have it the first week in october and it is a blast!! Please think about it my moms side of the family are always missing :( it would make the party feel complete. Anyway love ya! And once again mom you are the BEST!

  4. WOW Peggy! How cool! Ya know what? We do a weenie roast every year too! It's always so FUN! THANKS for sharing your family fun girlie! HUGS! :)


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