Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Collection of Cuties Vol 2 and Christmas Vol 14 New Releases

Hi Everyone,
I'm supposed to be paying the bills but guess I'm blogging instead.. lol

Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know that I was finally able to complete a couple of new CD's. Are you surprised? I've been working on them forever it seems. With Dad being so ill, there wasn't a lot of time to finish them up. But now, they're all done and believe it or not they're even posted on Etsy and ebay.

So what are they? Well, Christmas Vol 14 has tons of great images. It has a bit more Santa and Snowmen images than what's usually on one of my Christmas CD's but it has a good mix of other Christmas images as well. I'm particularly fond of the Cowboy Santa, I think he is so unusual, what do you think?

And I love this Snowman Santa. How could you make a better image than using both of my loves! lol

If you'd like to see a few more images on this CD you can visit my Photobucket account by clicking here or if you'd like to see all of them you can watch the video by clicking here . It's about a 5 minute video, so get that cup of coffee or glass of wine and enjoy. lol

I'm really excited about the second CD. It's the Collection of Cuties Volume 2. I've really been working on this for a really long time. The Cuties collections are comprised of images that I really, really love. I take extra care and time to try and make the images super perfect and blemish free for you. It's really hard for me to pick just a couple of images to highlight but I think my favorites are in the Kids folder, for example this one...

and this one

If you'd like to see a few more images on this CD you can visit my Photobucket account by clicking here or if you'd like to see all of them you can watch the video by clicking here . It's about a 7 minute video, so if you need a refill on that coffee or wine now's the time. lol

I'm so excited about releasing these two CD's that I'd love to thank all my wonderful blogging friends that have stuck around through this rough period in my life. So what I'd like to do is offer a special sale for you. If you buy both of the new CD's I'd like to give you a free CD of your choice. Just include the name of the free CD in your Paypal message area or send me an email containing the name of the CD. Now remember don't purchase the free CD just include the name in the Paypal message area. This offer is good until midnight October 15th, 2011 so hurry and don't procrastinate too long. :)

Have a great week, plumb full of smiles!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trevor's Home and Free Thanksgiving Vintage Image

Hi Everyone!

I'd like to thank everyone for the sweet comments left on the tribute to Dad. You'll never know how much your comments lifted out spirits and helped us through a very tough time. Thank you so much!

Are you getting into the fall mode? I'm having a really hard time with it because it seems like summer hasn't even shown its head here. I guess that's because we were so busy that we really didn't get to participate in the normal summer activities. Cookouts and swimming and short trips and enjoying the grandkids during their summer break was almost totally absent from our schedule. :(

But a few good things did occur. :) We were able to squeeze in some time with my family. We were successful in getting DMIL out of the nursing home and the grandkids did get to spend the night a couple of times. As we get our schedule squared away and the estate moving along and the guardianship for DMIL finished, things should come back to somewhat normal.

My dear sweet Trevor is home on leave from Afghanistan for three whole weeks. And guess what? I haven't fixed him a good ole mom's home cooked meal yet and I asked him what he would like. Well you know what he said..... a turkey with all the fixin's. He said he won't be home for Thanksgiving and he would really like to have it early. So tomorrow night, we're having Thanksgiving. What a hoot! Have you ever tried to find a huge wompin turkey in September? Well, I think you can kind of forget it! I found 2 - 10 pounder's which are going to have to do. Guess that's pretty good... double the drumsticks.. lol But anyway, Turkey and dressing, baked beans, mashed taters and cranberries and apple salad with pumpkin pie and devil's food cake with homemade butter cream icing are all on the menu. Are you getting hungry yet? lol Anyway, I'll be very busy tomorrow with all the cooking. Thankfully it's cool outside so I won't die from over heating! lol

So in the spirit of our early Thanksgiving dinner, I thought I'd share a Thanksgiving image with you. This image is from the Provencher album. I think I've talked about it before. It's the album that was supposed to have Halloween images in it and all it had was one. But it did make up for that with tons of military images that I do intend to share with you in the near future. But for now, here's one of the cutest Thanksgiving images that I've seen. I hope you enjoy it and as always make sure you click on it before you save it.

Have a great week, plumb full of smiles!