Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Washington DC Adventure

What a busy week! We had a great trip even though the weather didn't really co-operate. It went so fast. We left for DC on Monday morning and got in at about midnight. Nice weather pretty much all the way so the drive wasn't too bad except it took forever. Trev did his testing for the job on Tuesday morning and was back at about 1pm. We spent the rest of the afternoon doing some sight seeing. We first visited the Udvar-Hazy National Air and Space Museum. My boys have always loved airplanes so Trev was in 7th heaven. The museum was quite impressive. Entry to the museum is free but parking costs 15.00 and you don't really have a choice because there isn't any on street parking. The highlights for me was the Enola Gay and a cute little plane that converted to a car. Now how handy would that be for the pilot - wouldn't have to worry about renting a car when you arrived at your destination... lol. Click on any of the pics to see a larger view.

After the museum we visited the Manassas Battle field. This is better known as the Battle of Bull run. Over 7,000 soldiers died during this battle. It is hard to imagine that such carnage took place on such a peaceful location. Of course, we just had to get a pic of hubby and I with Stonewall... lol.

The next day, we took the Metro (subway) and spent the day visiting sites. We started at Arlington National Cemetary where of course we saw the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Kennedy's, John, Bobby and Teddy, and the amphitheater. We stumbled upon a monument to a Lincoln, which as near as we could figure out had to be Abe's grandson and his family. Being from Springfield Illinois, this was of special interest to us and also quite a surprise.

From Arlington, we walked to the Iwo Jima memorial. I've seen a lot of pictures on this monument but I was taken back by the beauty of the actual statue. The pictures just don't do it justice and you have to see it to appreciate the true beauty of the piece. I didn't know that there was actually two flag raisings at the site. The first raising was for a temporary flag and the picture the statue was made from was actually the second raising which was for the permanent flag that was big enough to see throughout most of the island.

After a quick ride on the Metro, our next stop was quick tours of the Field Museum and the American History Museum. Of course the dinosaurs and battles were the chief points of interest at these two locations. It was then a walk past Washington's Monument on the way to the new WW II monument - such an impressive site and of course my camera decided it just wasn't going to co-operate so many of the pics are blurred but I did get a few that turned out ok. What a gorgeous tribute to the veterans of WW II and the women who suffered at home.

Next it was a walk past Washington's monument and the reflecting pond on the way to the Vietnam Memorial.

Our last stop was of course a street vendor. What would a trip to DC be without a stop at a sidewalk vendor for a hot dog... lol

After a day jam packed with sight seeing and about 10 miles of walking it was back to the Metro and a 2 hour drive to my brothers in Waynesboro Va. Thursday was pretty much a recovery day. We hardly moved from our chairs and everyone was complaining about their legs and feet hurting... lol Friday we decided to take the Skyline Drive which meanders through the Blue Ridge mountains. If you ever have the opportunity to take this drive make sure you do it. Lovely mountain views are sure to come your way. A special treat we encountered along the way was a recreation of an early farm and a waterfall.

The picture above is a pig pen. It's where the farmer kept his pigs in the winter. The cage is designed for keeping the bears away from the pigs. The cross logs that are on the side secure a log that goes over the top logs to prevent the bear from lifting the roof and stealing the pigs. Quite smart on the farmers part, I think! The one disappointment I had for the day was not seeing a black bear. Oh well, maybe next time.

On the drive back to Waynesboro we stopped at a little hole in wall to get gas. There was a restaurant that sold barbecue and a little bakery named Ambrosia. Oh my what sweet treats she had. Of course I purchased samples of all different kinds of goods. Everybody sampled them and immediately fell in love. We will have to visit her shop the next time we make it out there.

After supper, we decided we'd visit a local bar known as Captain Sam's. And low and behold there was the black bear I'd been searching for earlier in the day (smile).

Saturday we had planned on having breakfast with our niece but that didn't work out so we got an earlier start on the 14 hour drive back home.

I hope I haven't bored you too much but I did want to share some of the interesting things we encountered on our trip. I hope you've enjoyed them.

Have a great week, full of smiles!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Journey Down Memory Lane - Betsy McCall Paper Dolls

Just a short post tonight, tomorrow we're heading off to Washington DC for a few days. My son is in the final stages of a job interview and has to be there Tuesday for some additional tests. So we're going to ride with him and spend a few days out east visiting sites and seeing family. Should be a lot of fun.

My other son is going to take care of shipping my orders, so the stores should be just fine while we're gone.

I did want to share a site with you this week. I received an email from a fellow ebayer a while back and she pointed me to her blog. I'd totally forgotten about the Betsy McCall paper dolls that I used to just salivate over when I was a child. I couldn't wait for my mom to get her McCalls magazine and finish reading it so I could cut out the paper dolls. They kept me busy for so many hours. Well this site has all kinds of paper dolls including Betsy McCall. Take a journey and a look at this fun site. Jordan and I have already had a blast, but she went for the Strawberry Shortcake paper dolls, so much for a journey down memory lane (smile).

Have a great week!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Free April Showers Vintage Image and Easter Bunny Contest

I have one more contest post to share with you. This is from Jennifer Rose. I love her take on the Easter Bunny. The background papers, especially the music sheet, just compliment the vintage feel of the card. Check out her blog to see how she created this wonderful card.

April Showers bring May flowers or so they say. Is your area receiving a lot of April Showers? It's been pretty dry here, except for one day where it just poured for about 20 minutes. Anyway, here's a really cute Vintage Image that you could use to celebrate the April Showers. Click on the image before you save it.

This image is from the PeggyLovesVintage Wedding Volume 1 CD which you can see here.

My collection just keeps growing and growing. Last month I acquired this wonderful circa 1955 scrapbook which was for a little girl named Carol. It was quite a treasure and I just had to have it. I must say it is one of the most expensive scrapbooks that I've purchased but I just couldn't resist :). So now I'm very busy trying to get the images cleaned up and ready for you. I really excited about it and can't wait to showcase some of the images!

Did you know that I sell individual images? So, if you have a special project where you are looking for particular types of images and can't seem to find them contact me via email. I'll search my cards and send you back samples for your review.

Have a great week, full of smiles!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Bunny Contest Winners

Drum Roll Please!

Lorraine, please visit the etsy shop or the ebay shop and pick any 2 CDs, except for the Collection of Cuties.

And now for the surprise. A second place award goes to:

Jennifer Pellegrino
Amy Duff
Jennifer Rose
Vicky Oliver

Ladies would you also visit the ebay or etsy shop and select any CD you would like, except for the Collection of Cuties.

Once you've made your selections email me with your snail mail addresses and your selections.

Thanks so much for playing along.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter full of smiles!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Contest and Vicky Oliver entry

Well the Easter weekend is upon us. What's your family's tradition? Do you have an Easter Egg Hunt and a big family dinner? That's pretty much our tradition. Hopefully the weather co-operates and we can have the Easter egg hunt outside. But if not, inside is fine also. Do you use real eggs in your hunt? We use plastic. There's always at least one egg that's not found and those real eggs can get a little smelly if they sit around for a while. Our traditional dinner includes ham and potato salad and of course deviled eggs plus a couple of other salads. We always have cream pies for dessert. This year I think I'll do banana and chocolate. Yummy!

Tonight's the deadline on the contest, so make sure your entry gets in by midnight (cst). And as if you haven't already seen it enough, lol here's the prize that's going to be given away to some lucky winner. I'll post the winner on Saturday so be sure and come back and check it out.

Get your entry in so that you have a chance to win some really great supplies:
So-So-Sweet 75 Paper Pack with glitter
Spare Parts designer silk flower brads
Soft Spoken Leaf embellishments
Package of silk roses
Package of Sticky Doos
Package of Paper Studio Self-Adhesive Gemstones
Package of Wiggle Eyes
Container of Fairy Dust Fine Glitter
2 Rolls of ribbon
An Easter Egg stamp from Stampabilities
5 Packages of Charms
Any 2 PeggyLovesVintage CDs (except the Collection of Cuties)

Submit your entry via a comment on the blog and leave comments on the DT members blogs and you will be entered to win. Don't have a blog, well that's ok, just email a pic of your completed project and leave your comments on the DT members blogs and you'll be entered. Just make sure you include some way for me to identify your comment to your email.

Here's another entry that I'd like to share. Vicky Oliver notes that this is the first time she's entered a challenge. I feel very honored that she decided to play along with us! Thanks Vicky! So click on her card and visit her blog and leave her some of your wonderful comments.

That's all for now, so get your entry in and have a great Friday!