Saturday, October 30, 2010

Free Vintage Christmas Image, A Special Birthday Celebration and Wonderful Christmas Cards

Hi All,
I hope everyone is doing just great! Are you all ready for Halloween? The grandkids are giddy with excitement. Our weather is suppose to be a high of 62 and a low of 40, almost perfect for Trick or Treating. I can't wait to see them all dressed up!

I love it when I see completed projects using my Vintage Images and today I'd like to share a couple. The first one is from Linda, a grandmother who was celebrating the first birthday of her twin granddaughters. It was a really special event for her because the babies were born premature and they had quite a struggle. Here's their story in Linda's own words...

    "Yes these twins are quite special in that they were born 3 months prematurely and remained in hospital for that time. One weighed 1.7 oz and the other 2.4oz. They are doing well and although it takes about 2 years for them to completely catch up with other babies, they are on their way. They have their actual birthdays, but preemies are also referred by their corrected age ( until 2), as to when they should have been born, so they are now 10 months (7 months corrected). Happily, I am planning this party for their first birthday in October. "

Here's what Linda made....

    "We had a wonderful party for our twin preemie granddaughters who turned one and I wanted to show you how we used your fabulous vintage cards. They were a huge hit especially since our party was mainly the older friends and relatives who actually remembered these. I was able to find adorable dresses for the girls that had a similar vintage imprint on them.

    The first image was the email invite I used though I changed the info on this, (as well as the girls' hair colour ;-), the second is a banner I made with your images (which btw, printed beautifully on the watercolour paper I use). Next up is a detail of the banner (hard to get in close as it was at an angle) and then a detail of one image I used on a treat box from the candy station we had.

    Hope you enjoy seeing these and thank you so much again. These vintage images really helped make the party fun to plan."

I love how she did the mirrored image of the girls on the invite, very creative and very appropriate! Great job Grandma! You've created some great memories and wonderful mementos of their 1st Birthday!

I try to get out there and cruise around bloggy land at least once a week, sometimes I'm successful in getting this accomplished and sometimes I'm not. But I'm always pleasantly pleased when I happen to run across a post using my images. It's almost like getting a box of chocolates (and oh how I love chocolates!). This week I received two boxes of chocolates and I'd like to share them with you. So please take a few moments and visit Julia Moss' blog posts Celtic Girl and Snow Pair . She has created two magnificent Christmas cards using PeggyLovesVintage images. The first image, Celtic Girl, is located on the Christmas Volume 11 CD . The second image, Snow Pair is located on the the Snowmen Volume 1 CD and in the Snowmen 2 Cut Out .

Have you started your Christmas projects yet? I haven't but I'm trying to get in the mode. I'm hoping to start on one of mine tonight. I guess, I'm procrastinating a little bit because it's an activity that is new to me and I guess I'm a little leery about starting it. But tonight's the night! I'm going to do it! lol

If you haven't started yet, maybe this image will help to spur you along. I just love her Candy Cane striped skirt. Make sure you double click on her before you do the save.

Have a safe and fun Halloween and a week full of smiles!



  1. Oh WOW Peggy! What fabuloous use of your images! that birthday banner is the cutest EVER! Too too cute and the free image is adorable! xxD

  2. What fabulous party invites and decorations! I love them all! Thanks for sharing it all sis! Halloween was a huge success. Nicki was tickled pink with how her graveyard turned out. People were even stopping to take pics of the yard. It was really awesome and she did a fantastic job with it. Have a wonderful week! Love you!
    PS...LOVE the free image!

  3. WOw she did a wonderful job on the birthday decorations, love it
    Thank You for sharing a lovely vintage image.

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  6. Enjoyed reading/following your page.Please keep it coming. Cheers!


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