Sunday, January 31, 2010

Published Images and PeggyLovesVintage Contest

I'm so excited! The totally talented and wonderful Regina Easter from Bitten By The Bug (BBTB) is published in the CARDMAKER magazine, March 2010 issue page 48 to be exact. And she used one of my baby images on the card she published. It's a beautiful card and you just have to check it out! Be sure and visit her blog and congratulate her on her accomplishment.

Regina used this image

Which is available on the New Baby Volume 1 CD located in the etsy store and ebay store and web store where you can satisfy all your Vintage image needs.

Now on to the contest. My granddaughter and I spent the day yesterday making our cards. We brought out my stash of craft supplies and just went to town. We had a grand time and now I have glitter from one end of my house to the other, but it was well worth it! So anyway...the unveiling of our works of art!

Jordan first, she's 5 years old and has been crafting since she was about 2. She's my best crafting buddy and we always have a good time. The only thing Grandma really helped with was the card stock base that she used. She wanted to do a stand up card and the black card stock wasn't very thick. So we attached it to some white Georgia Pacific to make it sturdier. Grandma cut out a nice square for her to decorate. She used two different sizes of wooden hearts, one size was red and the other size was orange, that she glued togethered. Red rhinestones were added to some sparkly snowflakes. She also used foil hearts, vintage buttons,lace embellishments that I don't think you can see in the pic and some red bows and of course lots of glitter. For the inside of her card she used a computer generated sentiment that she created and typed herself. The inside was embellished with some I Love You ribbon and of course more glitter. She was so excited about her card, she just had to sign and date it before we got the pic. Great Job Jordan! Watch out's your future competition!

I've never claimed to be a card maker, I usually only get into making cards for Christmas and Valentines (smile), my two most favorite holidays. But anyway, I went ahead and gave it a shot and like I promised last week, here's my completed card. Now don't laugh!

So, last week I explained how I created my images. I added some little foil hearts to the corners and an open foil heart in the middle of main pink heart. I attached the main image to black card stock. I wanted it to be offset just a little on the black. I also added some gorgeous ribbon which is shimmery and has flower patterns on it which you really can't see unless you view it big. The background paper is my digi roses and pink paper which (sigh) still isn't listed in the stores but it will get there one of these days. The corners looked pretty bare to me so I decided I'd add some of my left over calendar project flowers with a few of the shiny foil hearts added for interest. I had just enough flowers to do one corner. Oh Well, that's life (smile). I'll have to go to the craft store to see if I can find something for the opposite corner.

For the inside, I kept it pretty simple. I attached the sentiment to black card stock and then just added some really pretty gold wire ribbon at the top. I used the digi roses and pink paper.

Here's Sharon's - Gramma's House of Cards - completed card. Of course, she's very talented and as always has created a masterpiece for us to oooo and ahhhh over. Take a moment and visit her blog to see her other great cards and projects.

Ok now, we've shared ours, are you ready to share yours? Come on, go ahead and do it!
We'd love to see all the great work out there. It doesn't have to be a card, any kind of project can be submitted. So just visit last weeks blog and leave a comment with a link or send me an email with a pic of your project and you'll be entered to win any 2 cut outs of your choice from my stores.

Have a great week full of smiles!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Free Vintage Valentine Image PeggyLovesVintage Contest

Valentine's is one of my favorite holidays. I guess because it's a day full of love. A day that helps us re-enforce the love we have for our family and friends. I think sometimes we get so busy that we forget to stop and say I love you to the ones that mean the most to us.

So I thought we'd have a little fun with it and I'd sponsor a little contest. Here's one of my favorite heart images. Use it in any kind of craft project you like - card making, fabric transfer, decoupage, whatever. Leave a comment and include a link to your finished project or email an image of it to me by midnight CST February 12th. A randomly selected winner will be able to choose any 2 cutouts from my store.

I decided I'd make a digital card. I used Photoshop Elements 6 to complete the images. I just love this package and all the flexibility it gives you for editing images. What I don't like about it is the color of the drop downs and the text. Why on earth they would select a dark grey background with black text I have no idea. It makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to see what's contained in the drop down.

To start, I added the two frames. I don't know how most folks do it, but I use the crop function and of instead of making the image smaller I make it bigger :). I used the eye dropper to select the pink from the center of the heart than I used the paint bucket to assign it to the new cropped area. I then repeated the crop to create the red border and used the eye dropper to select the red from the rose buds and the paint bucket again to assign the color to the new border. The clone utility was used to copy the corner rose buds and the ribbons from other card images to the pink border. Instead of using shadow brushes to create the drop shadow on the text, I selected the text using the rectangular selection tool and created a duplicate layer. Then I used the magic wand tool and selected the text, changed the color of the text and then drug it to the appropriate spot on the main text to give it the shadow affect. In the red border I used the Faux Finish Brushes- mesh to create the little squares. Once I had them all created I used the heart custom shape tool to put the hearts in the center of the square mesh. Last but not least I just used a small round brush to create the white border around the pink frame. I think it turned out pretty good.

For the inside, the only thing I've done so far is assign a 70% opacity to the main image and typed in my sentiment. I'll add more before I finally attach it to the card.

You may have noticed that I haven't finished my card yet :) I intend to add some lace and then attach them to card stock. I'll include a picture of the completed work next week.

So come on now, get busy and share your project by leaving a comment.

Hope your week is full of smiles!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Introducing Birthday Volume 2

Yeah! Birthday Vol 2 is almost ready. All the images are cleaned and boy is that the hardest part! Now I just have to make the video and create the html code for the listings. With a little luck, it should show up in my etsy store and ebay store this week and in the web store next week.

This Birthday Volume has adult birthday cards from 8 different scrapbooks dating from 1939 to 1966. It contains 102 different cards most of which are from the 1940's.

I've included some of the sample images in this post. If you'd like to see more samples take a look at my photobucket album. PeggyLovesVintage Album or just click on any of the images below.







Hope you have a great week that's full of smiles!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Free Vintge Image

Hi everyone, hope you had a great week! I've been kind of lazy this week, just can't seem to get into the mood, must be post Christmas blues or maybe because it's been so darn cold. Anyway, this week I thought I'd share another free image. I really like this one, but I'm not really sure why. Maybe it's the black polka dots, maybe the bright red carnations or all the contrasts on the card, I'm really not quite sure. It was originally a Thank You card but I think it would make a great Valentine image or a Birthday image. So have fun with it and of course feel free to use it in any of your hand made projects.

I'd love to hear how well these images are doing once you download them. I scan and save all of my images at 600 dpi but when they're uploaded for the blog they're reduced quite a bit. So I'm not sure how well they're working for you. I'd appreciate it a bunch if a few of you would let me know if you've used any of them and how well they printed for you. I want to be sure you're getting quality images and if necessary I'll set up a link so you can actually download the original image and get a better quality.

I hope you have a great week that's just full of smiles!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Free Get Well Image

Boy the week just seems to fly! I've been busy this week working on a new Adult Birthday CD. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks I'll have it finished and ready to list. It has some really great images in it. I pre-published some of them as cut outs, the Bad Boys and Sexy Ladies images will be on this CD. So if you'd like to have the entire card for these two cut outs you know where to get them.

I purchased two new scrapbooks and received them right before Christmas. They were a great find. I had such a good time going through them and checking out all the treasures. Now, all I have to do is scan them. My "to be scanned" pile just keeps on growing!

This week I thought I'd share an image with you. I haven't created a Get Well CD yet, not that I don't have Get Well Cards in my collection. I'm just not sure whether my buyers would like one or not. So if you have an opinion on that, please be sure and let me know. Anyway, with the cold and flu season going around, I thought I'd share a Get Well card. This particular card was in my husband's grandmother's collection. I just think she's so sweet and could be used for either a Get Well card or a "you deserve a pampering" card. So, I've included the image with and without the sentiment, feel free to save the image and use if for any type of hand made craft. If you click the image you'll be taken to the bigger copy. If you send me an image or link to your completed project, I'll include it in the next blog post.

Hope you have a great week that's full of smiles!