Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jordan's Disney Autograph and Memories Book

I'm not going to put a lot of verbiage in this post. Kaiden's book has all the mechanics on how I made them so you can check that out here. Jordan's book wound up a little bigger than Kaiden's because of all the Princess' but the size can be adjusted to cover all your important characters.

So now, here's Jordan's book...........

So now, get busy and create that autograph book. I'm thinking about creating one for the kids for school. Wouldn't it be cute with all their school chums signatures and pictures? Hmmmmmm now the ole mind is racing. lol

Have a great week, plumb full of smiles!

Kaiden's Disney Autograph and Memories Book

Hi Everyone!
How's your week been going? Great I hope! I've had a fun week. Last week I told you about the autograph books I was going to make for the Grandkid's trip to Disney. I got the idea from Lauren's Creative blog which you can see here . Well, I was able to get them both finished! I had a great time doing them and I'm totally stoked about how they turned out! I have so many pictures to share that I'm going to do two posts on them. :)

So off we go now on my autograph book adventure..........

This is the front of the autograph books.

This is the back of the autograph books.

I decided I'd connect the pages in a zigzag pattern. I used standard white card stock and cut it in half on the 11 1/2" side.

You could cut it on the 8 1/2" side but I wanted the individual pages to be longer then wide. I then folded the sheets in half.

I wanted each sheet to have a little pocket so I applied the glue in a "U" shape - only along the sides and bottoms of the sheets.

It was pretty easy to do this and line the sheets all up because I was able to slide sheet two into the fold for sheet one. That made it really easy to keep the two sheets apart until I was ready to slide it in place.

This method created a nice little pocket for momentos or additional signature tags or journaling tags.

Here's a top down view of the completed zigzag.

A front view of the completed zigzag pattern.

A back view of the completed zigzag pattern. I left this side blank for now. Once the trip is finished, I plan on using some of the many pictures of the trip to complete this side of the book.

Before I started decorating the sheets, I attached a very long ribbon across the height of the first sheet. I wanted to be sure it would be long enough to tie once both sides of the book are complete.

Oh! One word of caution, before you complete the layouts - when you're creating the zigzag and attaching your folded sheets together make sure you do it so that on the completed zigzag both the front and the back open from the right side. If you start the first half sheet by placing the glue on the inside back and then keep the number of half cards even you should end up correctly. But it sure doesn't hurt to double check to make sure they both open from the right side before you get them all decorated. :)

So now with all the mechanics covered here's the completed layouts for Kaiden's autograph side of the book.

I attached ribbons to the tags to make them easier to pull out of the pockets and I left the back sides of the tags blank so that they could be used for additional signatures or for journaling.

So what do you think? I'm totally pleased with myself! LMBO

Now, if you haven't already make sure you check out Jordan's autograph book. Her's is full of Princess' of course!

Have a great week, plumb full of smiles!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Free Vintage Image, Useful Books and Thank You Card

Hi All,
How's everyone doing? Are you having a good week? It's been pretty nasty around here. I caught a terrible cold that literally put me down for a week! The fever and chills are gone but the chest congestion still lingers. I'll be really glad when I'm totally back to normal!

Today I'd like to share an item from one of my favorite Etsy shops Useful Books .
Cindy makes the cutest memory books. If you haven't checked out her shop lately, please take a few moments and check out her new mini albums. They're perfect for that special Valentine! You can find all the details here.

If you've followed my blog for a while, you know that on the card making scale, I probably rank at about a 2. Usually I stick with the one dimensional and create my cards using a lot of cloning and putting different digital elements together. I really enjoy creating my cards this way but every once in a while, I get a little extra energy and decide to try something different. Maybe one of these days, I'll take a trip out to sis and spend a week with her and get all of her secrets. lol But for now, the good ole American try will have to do. I needed a thank you card for a very nice friend of my husband. Since it's for a guy, I didn't want anything frilly or gooey so here's what I decided to use for my card. Make sure you click on the image before you save it.

I printed him three times and then fussy cut him twice so I could give him some dimension. I picked sis' brain for a cute sentiment - she always comes up with the best - and wound up with this......

So, what do you think? It could be better but I'm satisfied. My next project is going to be an autograph book for the grandkids to take to Disney. I really need to get busy on it if I'm going to have them ready. So stay tuned...

Have a great week, plumb full of smiles!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Cutie Couples Cut Outs and Special Blog Sale

Hi Everyone!
Are you having a great week? It's been pretty good around here. Busy as usual but manageable. I'd like to thank everyone for the super nice comments on the last post. It really boosted my spirits! :) You're all very special people and I thank you!

It seems like it's been forever since I've added any new items. But just in time for Valentine's Day, I've created three new Cutie Couples Cut Outs.

The new Cut Outs are available on the Web site, and the Etsy site and the Ebay site.

Did you see Sherri's adorable card that she made with one of the Cutie Couples? Click on the image to visit her site to see the details.

Isn't that just the cutest?

For my special blogging friends I thought I'd offer a special.... buy one Cut Out and get any other Cut Out of your choice for free. In order to take advantage of the special, purchase one Cut Out then in the PayPal message to Buyer area, include which FREE Cut Out you'd like to receive or just send me an email with your choice. The sale will end at midnight CST on January 12, 2011.

Have a great week, plumb full of smiles!