Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spider Contest and Kittens Oh My! Free Vintage Image

Hi Everyone,

Wow, I can't believe another week has gone by already? Time just seems to whiz by and I try and look back on what I've accomplished and I kind of go huh where did it go? lol I'm sure I accomplished something; didn't I? Well in all truth, I have been procrastinating a bit and finding that I have to force myself to get busy and work on card clean up. I've been trying to finish up a new Wedding CD which I am kind of excited about. It has lots and lots of brides but the cards have a lot of flocking on them and it seems like it is taking forever to get them cleaned up. But anyway....
I'll keep plodding along and eventually it will get finished!

The nights are really getting pretty chilly. How about where you live? We live in a kind of country setting. Not to long ago, our area used to be pretty empty, full of fields and woods. But it has slowly built up and the fields are gone and the woods are off limits. It still kind of has the country setting, all the houses having at least 2 acre plots with most of them having more. So, we still see quite a few little creatures that roam the area.

I always approach this time of year with a little bit of caution, why you ask? Well, the creatures in my area are trying to get ready for winter and are looking for some nice abode to take up residence and hopefully make their winter survivable. I guess you could say they're looking for their Florida. lol Once in while, they somehow decide that my house is Florida. So sometimes, I'm lucky enough to find a bird that has worked its way down the fireplace chimney or we glimpse a mouse as it steals some of the dog's food and scampers off to its cozy little nest. I haven't been lucky enough to find a snake yet and hopefully I never will. But, the thing that causes me the most distress are the wolf spiders!

Are you familiar with these scary little creatures? And I really shouldn't be calling them little creatures because they can get quite big. And talk about fast! Those little buggers can move at the speed of lightening! They just give me the willies! Anyway, at this time of year, I'm always watching out for them. We usually wind up with at least two that are monster sized plus others that are not quite grown but still scary.

How big can they get you ask? Well I'm not an expert on them, but I can tell you this little story. Several years back we were at the in-laws and it was just a little after dark. I happened to look at their front porch stoop and noticed what I thought was a mouse standing in front of their door. So being the good d-i-l, I went over to scare it away before it found its way into the house. OMGosh, it was the biggest wolf spider I had ever seen! Needless to say... I didn't scare it away, quite the opposite in fact, he/she had me running the other way yelling for my DH as I ran. I haven't found anything near that big in my house but there have been some that are pretty big. And to this day, I still run and holler for DH. lol

Here's a couple of spider facts that I've heard that really gives me the willies. Number 1 you're never more than six feet away from a spider and Number 2 on average every human eats at least one spider a year. YUCK!

So, why spend so much time on such a scary write up on something you dislike so much, you ask? Well I thought we might have a little fun, considering it's Halloween and all. I want to hear your scariest, ugliest spider story. Tell me in a comment and the story that gives me the most goose bumps will win a CD of your choice. Anyone can enter and if you don't have a blogger id be sure and include your email id so that I can contact you if you win. Have your entry in by Tuesday October 19 at midnight CST.

Now what's the opposite of a huge scary spider? How about a sweet little kitty. Today's kitty is from the Saint Clair 1946-57 collection and she originally started out as a get well card. I've removed the sentiment so you can use her for whatever kind of project you'd like. As always, make sure you double click on her before you save her so that you get her at full size.

Have a great week, plumb full of smiles and free from spiders!


  1. A few weeks ago I tried to sweep out a corner of what I thought was dog hair. It was actually a nest of baby spiders that must have just hatched. Baby spiders running everywhere! I know I didn't get them all and that thought gives me the creeps!

  2. lovely imagen, the little kitty its cute!!

  3. contest, sis!!! Can't wait to see all the awesome stories! You creeped me out with the two little facts you presented to us!!! No more than 6 ft??? UGH! The eating part is what really got me though. That means they crawl on us in our sleep, I'm assuming. YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!!! disgusting!!! LOL! Love ya, sis! And have the happiest of birthdays!!!

  4. I'll contribute a story for amusement of course. This is not a personal story, but one I heard over the radio. It was someone in Arizona that had been in the desert and dug up a cactus to put in a pot and decorate their living room. the cactus had been in the house for a while, when one day the owner noticed the base of the cactus was swollen out and actually moving like it was breathing. It scared them and they called someone about it. Whomever they called (it escapes me now) told them to get out of the house and have the cactus removed. the cactus was full of turantulas (sp). Evidently, they lay their eggs in the base of the cacti and the one they picked happened to be one of those cacti. I can't even imagine seeing the base of a cactus all swollen and moving around like something out of a sci fi horror movie! LOL! eeeewwww!!!
    Love ya!

  5. this is a story about my son. he works outside. he came home complaining of how he could hardly walk. We said yea right. whats wrong. he said I think I got bit by a spider. later that night his leg was swollen so bad and black he had to go to er room. guess what he had been bitten by a black
    laclooze. it had eaten a whole in his leg and they had to cut into his leg to get the poison out. I would show you the pictures but real now after a thousand dollar bill he cant stand the sight of spiders. One expensive spider. ha

  6. Happy birthday girlfriend.....i hope you have a wonderful day girlie...hugs

  7. Ok, I've got one. When I was in the 10th grade, our biology teacher made us do a spider collection with them pinned to boards and everything! I hated that assignment and for two weeks afterward I had nightmares about spiders! I would dream they came out of our freezer, they were in my food, everywhere I turned ther were tons of spiders! I kept waking up with the heebie-jeebies! Can't stand them to this day! Happy birthday by the way, Love ya Aunt Peg!!

  8. Hey There! I hope you have a very happy birthday! Here's my spider story. . .My father loved to squirrel hunt and he would take us out with him when I was a teenager to "teach" us how to hunt. Well, he would insist that we get into the woods before daybreak. As we would be walking in the gloom of the woods, you would walk right into these giant spider webs (the kind where the spider lays in the center) and you would have to wait to feel the spider crawling on you to figure out where it was. Some of them were huge, and they would end up on your face, neck or in your hair. I still get creeped out thinking about those spiders on me! LOL Best, Curt

  9. Darling little image, Peggy! Thank you!

    As a young girl I used to go down to the little creek by our house & collect my cute little tiny froggies in coffee cans. I loved those cute little creatures. One day I was playing alone with my little friends in our VERY DARK tiny garage when a GIGANTIC black widow spider jumped out at me! Scared me to death! I jumped up & flung the can in the air (every man for himself)! Cute little frogs went everywhere.......& ran out of the garage screaming my head off. Scared the living daylights outta me (shudder....eeeeww). I'm not sure what happened to the cute little froggies cuz there was no way I was gonna venture into that garage ever ever ever again. But later on I was forced to go into that dark garage to get something. ugh I was terrified but parents can make you do things you really don't want to do. When I did........I couldn't shake the feeling that somewhere in that garage there were beady little eyes staring at me........just waiting for their chance to jump out at me. eeeeeeeeewwwwwww And now your fun facts has confirmed the fact that I was right to be scared. LOL

    Gee thanks for awakening that memory again. LOL

    Huggies ~

  10. Oh Ms Peggy! I missed your actual birthday, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY girlie! I hope it was wonderful and full of happiness!

    Here's my spider story for your creepiness and probably a good laugh! Hee hee hee! I was newly married, I'd say about 4 weeks worth and my husband and I had just returned from a night out one warm evening. We lived in the country so it was dark and we failed to leave the light on before we left. Well, I'm still gathering stuff from the truck and my husband went walking up the sidewalk to the porch to get the light turned on...up the stairs he went. Then, all of a sudden I hear him shriek and then I hear all this shuffling and I'm asking "what’s wrong"...and then the porch light comes on and he’s standing there in his tighty whities running his hands thru his hair. I said, "What are you doing?" He said, "I walked thru a spider web and I thought the spider was on me!" He is deathly afraid of spiders! YOU THINK? LOL!

    HUGS & Smoochies girlie!


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