Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year and Free Vintage Image

Happy New Year Everyone!
Are you the type to do Resolutions for the New Year? Usually I don't. Primarily because I have a tendency not to complete or meet them. I feel it's kind of like setting myself up for failure - not a very positive attitude huh! lol But this year, I'm going to try and set two goals and see how I fair. Of course, I'm going to try and keep my attitude up and positive.

So what goals am I going to set? First, I'm going to try and improve my writing skills. You see for 30 years I was in a field that required very technical writing. This meant that everything had to be to the point, very straight forward and absolutely, positively no emotion. This type of writing has been burned into my sub-conscious and I struggle to eliminate that requirement when I'm writing my blog or commenting on others. Sometimes it can take me a really long time to complete a new blog entry because of this struggle. So the plan is to practice, practice, practice....and maybe I'll get better at it. So, expect to see a lot more posting from me this year and maybe you all can be my critiques and let me know how I'm doing. Encouraging comments would be greatly appreciated!

Second on my list is to become a little more thick skinned when it comes to criticism's relating to my product line. I love sharing my images and I spend countless hours collecting and cleaning them so that I can share them with you. It is a true labor of love and not intended to be a path to millionaire status. Sorry, I'm digressing and need to back to the point. Anyway, every once in a while I'll encounter a truly nasty person. Someone who just can't be pleased no matter how hard you try. They often like to be abusive and love to throw in a threat or two. I know that it's not my fault that these individuals are that way and I need to just brush it away but it just drives me bonkers! I sit and worry and stew for hours over it. So this year, I'm going to work on letting it go, thickening my skin so to speak and not worrying about it so much. I know there are wonderful people out there who truly appreciate my images and I'm going force myself to appreciate the positives and put less importance on the negatives.

So what do you think? Pretty lofty goals if you ask me but I think I can do it! At least I'm going to actively work toward reaching them and I hope you'll help me out. Your words of encouragement are greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you.

Now to lighten up a little, New Year's is a time for celebration right? Are you doing anything special? We're going to try and get an early dinner, beating the crowd's hopefully, and then maybe go out to my daughter's house for a while or catch a movie. Kind of low key, but we like it. We've never really been the bar hopping types. I guess we're kind of boring but it suits us.

I know a lot of you like to get out there in the hustle and bustle of the crowds and do a little dancing and drinking. So that brings me to the image I'd like to share. This image is from the Janie folder and is circa 1924. As always make sure you click on the image to get it in a larger size.

Have a safe and Happy New Year! I hope it's plumb full of smiles!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Projects and Free Vintage Image

Hi Everyone!

Today I'm being totally I'm just sitting around reflecting on all the Christmas activities and being thankful that's it's over and yet still basking in all the joy and warmth that occurred during the busy days.

This whole month has been totally crazy with so many unexpected happenings that it truly seemed like everything was going amiss and I was beginning to wonder if Christmas this year was meant to be.

It all started with Hubby's Dad getting sick which was a major blow to all of us. Then the stomach flu started spreading throughout the family with Kaiden being the first lucky recipient. And how lucky am I? He was spending the night at Grandma's when the ugly beast reared his head! lol Then Dad's car completely broke down, with one of the front wheels pointing to the left and the other pointing to the right - makes it kind of hard to drive. lol. Next, Jordan caught a cold and developed Pink eye. Then on Christmas Eve our main toilet thought it might like a vacation. We decided that couldn't be the case and it just had to be fixed. Then Christmas morning, we awoke to the water heater having issues and going on a strike. Oh my gosh, I thought we were never going to make it through the holiday! It has been quite exciting and taxing! But you know what, it still could have been a lot worse!

Even with all this going on, we did manage to get the shopping done, the presents wrapped, a few crafts plus some cookies and chocolate pretzels made, and two major dinners prepared for the family. Whew! What an accomplishment for first 3 weeks of December!

So now that the holiday is over I can share with you some of the crafts that we completed this month.

Every year one of my objectives for November/December is to make ornaments to add to my tree and to share with my loved ones. This year for some reason, it was really difficult for me to decide on what kind of ornament to make. It was really a struggle until I saw this on Julie's blog. The idea hit me that if I expanded on her design and put the wreath on the front and back it would make an awfully pretty Christmas ornament. So I followed Julie's advise and visited here to watch the tutorial. The tutorial was wonderful and after just a few practice ones I had it down pat and was braiding away. lol I think I wound up making about 50 of them but once I got it down pat they went pretty fast. Here's just a few of the creations.

I made a sheet of about 2" medallions and printed it twice. I then cut them out and added some glue to back of one and a hanging ribbon and then I sandwiched the two images together. Being careful to match, as close to possible, the placing of the hanging ribbon on both sides. Then once the braid was complete, I attached it with glue to both sides of the medallions. I added a little bow and some embellies and they were done. On the little kid's ornaments, I used alpha beads to spell out their names and for the older ones I just embellished with things I had on hand. I thought they turned out nice. I really loved the Madonna with the blue ribbon and the deer with the brown ribbon.

A couple of months ago I purchased these from a well known company that sells candles at home parties. I bought a set of 3 different sizes and they were very expensive.

Once I received them, I thought I could basically create the same thing but in a smaller size for a lot less money. So as I was doing my shopping, I kept an eye out for something that I could use to recreate it. I found a vase at the local dollar store that I felt would fit the bill. I then started running across blogs that discussed glass etching. I've always wanted to give that a try so I started investigating the various ways that patterns were transferred to the glass. Most of the samples were using vinyls that were cut using the various cutting machines. But I'm not lucky enough to have one, so I settled with using one of those little pink stencil sets that you find everywhere. I picked a snowflake pattern and then cut the stencil apart for the different snowflakes. I used good old Elmers Spray Adhesive to attach the stencils to the glass and then filled in the stencil with the Amour Etch solution. I waited 5 to 10 minutes, then rinsed it off and washed it really well. After a few uses, the stencils were a little gummy from the glue but they continued to work just fine.

After all of that, I filled them with the scented pine cones and potpourri and sparkly ribbon and this is the completed project.

It's kind of hard to see the snowflakes but they're there if you look really close. I ran out of time and didn't find the votive candle holders that should rest on top, but maybe next year, I'll include that in their Christmas packages. lol But all in all, I was really happy with the finished project and hope to do more etching in the future.

Now sadly, my last project, I didn't get a picture of before it went into the mail. For this project I purchased some flour sack kitchen towels and using fabric transfer sheets, I added some cute borders along the width's edge. In order to get the border to go all the way across I had to have 3 rows on the 11" side of an 8.5 x 11 sheet of fabric transfer paper. So I made sure I picked a patten that had a break that I could easily match up. I picked an image that lent itself well to repeats and I also mirrored image it so that there was more variety in the image. I had planned on adding some cross stitch X's on top and below the image but alas, that was another project that I didn't get to really finish. But I thought they turned out pretty cute even without the cross stitching. So to share, here's one of the images that I used for my pattern on the towels. Make sure you click on it so you get the full image size.

Take care and I hope you have a week plumb full of smiles!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Cheer and a Free Vintage Image

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Are you ready? I'm not, but I am getting closer! It's been a very busy week with trying to get ready for Christmas and trying to help my DFIL and DMIL.

My DFIL is out of the hospital now but he has a huge climb ahead of him. And truthfully, at 82 years of age, I'm really worried about it. We haven't found a specialist yet but we're working on it. One place told us that they won't take his case because he's on Medicare and they already have a waiting list! Now how sad is that? It breaks my heart to think that there are others out there like dad and they're being denied treatment because they're Medicare patients. What's wrong with this picture? We're trying to get him into another place but they want all the documentation first before they'll agree to accept his case. I guess this place is "picky" about what they will and won't treat. In the mean time the clock is ticking away. Dad may only have 7 months to live if the cancer is not brought under control.

I'm really afraid his age is going to put a huge damper on who'll accept him. Even though this man is 82, he is strong as an ox and very active. A lot of his family has survived well into their 90's and we're so hoping the same for him. He does have terrible back problems but once he gets a hold of you, forget it, you're caught and you're not going to get away. A favorite story we like to tell to new friends is how he paid for his beer in the old days. Times being what they were, entertainment money was on the short supply. But dad didn't usually have a problem. He'd meet someone at a bar and would sucker them into betting that he couldn't bend a quarter using only his fingers. Well for most, this would be a winning bet. There sure aren't many people that can bend a quarter using only their fingers. But dad sure could, and of course he'd win every time! I can just imagine the looks on their faces when they watched him bend that quarter! I bet they were pretty amazed and I'm sure there were some pretty dramatic reactions.

So how's your stress level? Is it really up there because of all the things that must be accomplished before Christmas? Mine is way out there, but as I check things off my list, I feeling much better. So I thought maybe I'd try something fun. My SIL and I spent quite a bit of time together while we were taking our turns with dad at the hospital. Of course the conversations sometimes drifted to discussing our partners and the things that drive us crazy about them. This gave us a good laugh because no matter how much you love someone, there are just certain things that just drive you nuts! So I'd love to hear what things your partner does that just drives you absolutely crazy!

I'll start....The things that really drive me crazy deal with my kitchen. I'm 5' 4.75" inches tall, which isn't very tall but it's not really short either. We've been in this house for almost 30 years, and the kitchen has been organized pretty much the same for all those years. The plates have been in one spot, the serving dishes in one spot, the canned goods in one spot, etc. etc. with the items which are used the most on the lower shelves so that I can easily reach them without having to find a step stool. You'd think that hubby dear would eventually recognize this and would know where a can of beans belongs or where to put that bowl or plate. But alas, he can't seem to get this concept into his brain. Once in a while, he'll try to help out by emptying the dish washer. Oh my goodness, I spend a week in disarray because stuff hasn't been put where it belongs. I hate spending 20 minutes looking for an item because it's not where it belongs. And it's not like logic is used on where he wants to move the item to! For example a serving bowl may be put in with the pots and pans. This drives me absolutely bonkers! Over the 36 years we've been married, I've tried to develop what I call Larry logic. When something is missing I switch to "where would Larry put it" mode and look in the most unlogical places. I also throw in a little "put it in a high place so Peggy has to use the step stool" mode and low and behold I usually find that missing item! But it can sometimes take me a while to locate it.

The second most maddening thing also deals with the kitchen. Every once in a while, he'll decide to help with the dishes and I always think how sweet! Here's his recipe for doing the dishes. Partially rinse the plates, making sure there are a few bits of green beans left on them, stack one plate on top of another without draining all the water, set on top of the dishwasher... oh but make sure the top plate is completely empty of water. Stack the glasses one on top of the other, making sure to leave a little tea or milk in the bottom of the glass and set on top of the dishwasher... oh but make sure the top glass is completely empty of any liquid. Gather together the silverware, making sure not to rinse and set them on top of the plate stack on top of the dishwasher. Now take care of the pots and pans, make sure all specs of food are removed but just use water to rinse, do not use soap and stack them on the stove, so one can't determine whether they've really been washed or just rinsed. Dry your hands and leave the kitchen, dishes are done - everything is nicely stacked on top of the dishwasher, even though it is completely empty and ready for a new load. We've had several discussions over his recipe for doing dishes but it just doesn't seem to get through. One time I decided I'd leave his nicely stacked dishes for him to finish. They sat there for 3 days before I gave up and finally finished the task! After a few baths with dirty water from the plates and smelly sour milk, I've learned to take the stack back to the sink and start all over! God bless this sweet man!

So now what's your story? Does your significant other have a trait that just completely drives you mad? Surely SIL and I are not alone and there are others out there who have similar stories. I'd love to hear them!

So in honor of my dear sweet hubby and his wonderful kitchen skills, I thought I'd offer this sweet image for your use. Be sure and click on it so you can save it at maximum size.

I hope with all my heart that you have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas! I truly appreciate all my followers, old and new, and hope that you have a Christmas that's just plumb full of smiles!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Free Vintage Christmas Images - Tags

Hi Everyone,
Just a short post today, sorry I've been away for a while. My DFIL has been hospitalized for over a week now. His gallbladder had burst and he had a pretty nasty infection. While dealing with the gallbladder, it was found that he also has bile duct cancer. He has been diagnosed with Klastin's tumors. This particular type of cancer is pretty rare with only 2,000 to 4,000 cases found a year. So it looks like there are many new challenges coming in our future. So anyway, postings on the blog may be spaced out a little farther, but I'll do my best.

I did have this image all ready to share with you before dad was hospitalized. I hope I'm not too late with it and that there are a few of you out there still working on your Christmas cards and projects. :) This image is all set to print on an 8.5 x 11 sheet and I thought it might be good for tags. As always, make sure you click on the image so you can get it at a larger size.

Have a great week plumb full of smiles!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Free Vintage Christmas Image, Christmas Volume 10

Hi Everyone,
Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving? We had a houseful of people and as usual had a ton of leftovers. No cooking for me for a while. lol The kids brought out the xbox and the new Kinect and played it all evening. The Kinect sees all your movements and incorporates them into the game, so controllers aren't required. There's all kinds of games from sports to adventures to dancing. We had a grand time watching them. I'd say it's a great way to get the kids off of their butts and up and moving! Even 82 year old grandpa took his turn at playing the bowling game. It was a real hoot! I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

This week I thought I'd showcase Christmas Volume 10. This volume has three folders, Calvin 1952-55, Louise 1940-62 and Ellae 1955-57. Here's just a few of this CD's images that I love. Double click on the image and you'll see a larger view.


If you'd like to see more images on that are contained on this volume, check out the video by clicking here

You can purchase this volume for 9.99 from Etsy , ebay, or the Web Stores. And if you say the word blog in the PayPal payment message area, I'll refund 1.00 of the purchase price to you. This special sale is available until midnight CST December 4, 2010.

This week I'd like to share an Angel image from the Saint Clair collection which dates from 1946-57. The Christmas cards from this collection aren't available on a CD yet. They're some of many that are patiently waiting for me to finish up on them. But, they'll make it one of these days. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this image as much as I do. Make sure you click on her before you save her.

I've got to run for now, I have a ton of things to do. I hope you have a great week, just plumb full of smiles!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Free Vintage Scottie and Kitty Christmas Images

Hi Everyone! I hope you've had a great week. It's been pretty busy around here, so just a short post today.

I have a couple of free images for you today. I'm kind of in the animal mood. Not really sure why, but I ran across the Scotties first and I really liked the red and gold combination. But, then it seems like I focus more on dogs than cats and I know I have a few cat lovers that visit my blog; so I thought why not. So for the cat and dog lovers, here's some Christmas pets for you to use.

The kitty image is from the Carol folder which is on Christmas Volume 13 . If you'd like to see more on this volume click here to see the video. You can purchase this volume for 9.99 from Etsy , ebay, or the Web Stores. Make sure you double click on the image before you save it.

Isn't this a really cute Scottie image? I really like the red and gold color combination. This image isn't on a CD yet, but you can find other Scotties on the Scottish CD which can also be purchased for 9.99. If you'd like to see more on this volume click here to see the video. You can purchase this volume for 9.99 from Etsy , ebay, or the Web Stores. Make sure you double click on the image before you save it.

And just for my blog readers, if you purchase either of these CD's, Christmas Volume 13 or Scottish Volume 1, and mention the blog in the PayPal message area, I'll refund 10% or .99 to your Paypal account. Valid through December 15, 2010.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cut Out Winners, Free Vintage Image, Thank You for the Blessings

How is everyone? Great I hope. I'm must admit that I'm just a little disappointed in the number of votes I received from the last post. But alas, I guess everyone is just super busy getting ready for the holidays. And now the free cut outs are awarded to Jennifer Rose and Um Buggin. So ladies, please select your cut out and email me with your choices and I'll get those sent out to you right away. Congrats Ladies and thanks for the vote!

Also relating to last week's free image, did you happen to see the great card that Julia Moss at Scrap Happy posted using this image. If not skip over there and check it out. I'm sure she'd love the visit! You can check it out by clicking here . In fact, Julia has been very busy with PeggyLovesVintage images and she has another post using PLV images here .

Thanksgiving is coming ever so quickly and the celebration of the holiday always brings to the forefront all the various things we have to be thankful for. So what would be better than for me to give a big shout out to my Design Team. These ladies are near and dear to my heart. They spend countless hours creating masterpieces with PLV images and are always full of encouraging words. They are truly special people. So here's my tribute to these special ladies.... May God keep you in his blessings! May joy and peace be with you this holiday seasons. And may all your dreams come true! Thank you so very, very much! Now please enjoy just a few of the masterpieces from these wonderful ladies....

Thanksgiving also brings thoughts of home and my bros and sis. Although for me the old homestead is now a vacant lot and my bros and sis are strung all across the nation, that warm and toasty feeling still comes to the forefront.

The Old Homestead

Check out that car in the neighbor's drive. It will give a hint as to how long ago this photo was taken.

Past Thanksgivings

Just a sample of the Thanksgivings I remember as a child. Grandpa, Dad and Uncle Alex sitting around the table with many little cousins hovering around. Check out that Turkey, lol! Grandpa, Dad and Uncle Alex are all passed but I'm sure they will be sitting around a table somewhere, enjoying Mom's turkey.

Such special memories of the old homestead! So, when I ran across this card, I just couldn't stop the need to share. So here it is for your enjoyment. Makes sure you double click on the image before you save it.

So even though I'm a little early, have a great Thanksgiving and I hope your week is plumb full of smiles!

Printing an Image from a PeggyLovesVintage CD

On the business sides of things, it seems like there are always certain questions that come up relating to the CD's and Cut Outs. Some of the most common questions relate to copyright information, viewing the image and printing the image. So I thought that maybe posting information relating to each of these subjects might be a good thing. I can just refer to the posting and provide detailed instructions,so much easier than trying to describe it just using words ;). So this week, I've created a posting relating to the aspect of printing an image directly from the CD.

On Windows base machines, the autorun
application will start up immediately
and will look something like this.

To see a larger view of any of the demonstration
windows just double click on them.

Select the folder that is to be viewed
by single left clicking on it. The Helen
Folder will be used for this demonstration.

Depending on how the Windows environment
is set up on the PC, different types of windows
could be displayed. For example, this window is
displayed with the "Details" setting.

And this window is displayed with the "Icon" setting.

But "Thumbnail" is the ideal method
for displaying the folder. To change
to the "Thumbnail" method, single left click
on "View" located in the toolbar.

In the drop down window, single left click
on Thumbnails.

Now the window will contain actual
image views which makes image
selection so much easier.

Use the scroll bar or the scroll wheel
on the mouse to move up and down
through the folder.

When the selected image is located
place the mouse pointer on it or single
left click on the image.

For this demonstration, the Windows
Picture and Fax Viewer software will be used.
This is a standard application available on
all Windows based PC's. Depending on how
the PC is configured, a different viewer may
be set as the default viewer. To check and/or
change the image viewing application to
Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, right click
on the selected image. Move the mouse pointer
to Open With . If Windows Picture
and Fax Viewer
is not the first item in the list
select it by moving the mouse pointer to it and
single left
click. If it is first on the list, then
it is set as the default and does not need to be
changed, just single left click on any
white space to close the drop down windows.

Now, just double left click on the image to be

Locate the printer icon, it should be on the
bottom right side of the window. Double
click on it.

This launches the Windows Photo
Printing Wizard
software which
is another standard application that
is available on all Windows based PC's.

Notice the check mark that is displayed on the
selected image. At this point, additional images
may be added to the print process. Just
scroll down or over and single left click in
the box of any additional images.

Once all images have been selected,
single left click on Next .

Different printer types may display this window
differently. But comparable components should
be displayed. Look for anything relating to
preferences or setup and single left
click on it.

The resulting window should look something like
this. Notice the tabs Layout and Paper/Quality.
Make sure that Paper/Quality is selected.

Notice that Plain Paper is selected in the Media
window. Different types of papers require
different amounts of ink, this can greatly affect
the appearance of the printed image. To see the
different types of paper available for the printer,
single left click on the down arrow.

This printer seems to do best with HP Bright
White Inkjet Paper
when working with standard
white card stock. Other printers may produce
better quality with a different selection. Don't
be afraid to try different types to see which
one produces the best quality. Single left
click on the paper type to make your selection.

The Quality Settings area also plays
a major roll in producing an acceptable printed
image. This selection determines how much ink
will be used. Best will of course use
the most ink and Draft will use the least
ink. Draft is a great selection for all
the test prints. But for this printer and the
paper selected Best will produce a
wonderful printed image.

Once all the selections have been made,
single left click on OK

Single left click on Next

The Layout Selection is the last step in
the print process. Notice the print preview
window. This shows how the printed image will
look on a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.
It can be very helpful in ensuring that the
automatic crop or fit is not affecting major
components in the image.

Notice the Number of times to use
each Picture
, this selection plays
a bigger role as the different sizes
are selected. There will be more on this
option later.

Use the scroll bar or the mouse wheel to
navigate through the different different options.

Notice how the Print Preview window changed
with 5x7 in. cutout prints selection.

This is an example of how the Number of times
to use each picture
selection functions. Since
only one image has been selected for printing and
the Number of times to use each picture is
set to 2, the Print Preview window shows
the same image twice. If two different images
had been selected for printing and the Number
of times to use each picture
was set to 1 the
two different images would be displayed in the
Print Preview window. If two different
images had been selected for printing and the
Number of times to use each picture was
set to 2 the two different images would be
displayed in the Print Preview window
and it would print two sheets of the double images.

The Photo Printing Wizard will only allow
printing of standard photo sizes. So as the various
options are selected and previewed watch the
effect on the actual image in the Print
window. The application will resize,
crop and rotate the image to get the best fit. Try
the different sizes until one is found that best
suits the image and the project it will be used for.

This image lends itself well to the resizing applied
by the Photo Printing Wizard. Notice that the
entire image has been resized to fit in the 3.5 x 5
in. window.

And the entire image has been successfully
resized to fit in the Wallet window.

Once the size has been selected, the image
is ready to send to the printer. Single
click on the Next button.

The print process is now complete. Single left
click on the Finish button to close the wizard.
Or if additional images need to be printed from
the folder, use the back button on the various
windows until the Picture Selection
has been reached.