Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wow, the week went really fast! I was Photo Shopping away last night when I realized that tomorrow was Sunday and I hadn't even figured out what I was going to blog about! So a quick decision and away I go.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! So what are you thankful for? That's a typical question at this time of year. I would reply with all the normal things like my grandkids, I love them to death. We're all healthy and the kids are all employed and getting steady paychecks etc. etc. but I think one thing that really comes to mind is I'm thankful for my memories.

At this time of year thoughts of my parents seem to really come to the surface. They are both gone now and have been for quite some time. But this time of year seems to always bring the memories to the surface. As a child, our house was always the gathering place for the holidays. I'm really not sure why it was that way. My mom was a great cook and maybe that's the reason but I can't really say for sure.

We would spend days preparing for the feast. One whole day was always devoted to pie making. Her pies were one of her signature items and she made lots and lots of them, pumpkin and mincemeat and apple and cherry oh I can smell them now.

But I think one of the things she made that all of us kids really really liked was her little pinwheels. She always had pie dough left. I don't know if that was by design or if she could just never get it right. She wasn't a measurer when she cooked. She never had the time to bother with it. It was always...oh that looks about right... a little more flour...little more Crisco.. And her dough always turned out, just amazing!

But anyway, back to the pinwheels.. They were made from the left over pie dough, so sometimes there were a lot and other times there were just a few, so us kids used to just wait and pray that there would be plenty of dough left. She'd roll the dough out like she was making a pie.

Then came the cinnamon and sugar, which was usually my job. It was sprinkled all over the dough and you can be sure it wasn't spread evenly. :o) Then we'd add little pats of butter, strategically placed though out the dough.

Starting on one side, the pie dough would be rolled up like a sponge cake roll or cinnamon roll. Then sliced into about 1/2" slices and baked on a non-greased cookie sheet until crispy.

Oh how we loved them! They would be gone before you could blink an eye! So if you have a little left over pie dough give this a try and I bet the kids in your life will love them!

This week I'd like to talk a little about the sentiments/verses that are on each and everyone of my CDs. I don't know about you but I have a really hard time coming up with a catchy phrase for a card. So I love the fact that I have all of these to choose from. I've used the verse image itself, I've retyped it and used different fonts, I've cloned it so that it lines up different, I've added cloned embellishments to give it added dimension. I guess what I'm trying to get at is that the verse images can be versatile and as dramatic as the front of the card if you want them to be.

This week, I've included a verse image for your use. I've used my favorite friend Photo Shop (smile) to create the final product. I loved the verse and the font but I didn't like how wide it was and it seemed to me to be really scrunched together. So I wanted to narrow it and add just a little pizzazz! So for your use... here's the before and the after.... Feel free to use the image if you so desire.

Here's the original image for the sentiment:

Here's the modified image. I found a candle image with dogwood flowers and holly with berries and I thought it complemented the verse.

Using Photo Shop, I cloned the verse first getting it just the way I wanted then I saved that. Just in case I had to scrap what I was doing and start over.

Then I cloned the candle image on to the verse. I started with a 50% opacity level but I thought that was too dark and made the verse too hard to read. So I started over - thank goodness for the saved image - and dropped the opacity to 10% and cloned it again. I really liked the way it looked until I printed it and it turned out the candles were too light. So I started again and settled on a 20% opacity. I think it turned out pretty good, what do you think?

This is another original image:

Jerilynno says

So glad that your son is home and you can relax a bit now. Thank you for the cute Christmas Cheer image. Our Church usually goes to the Veteran's hospital every Thanksgiving and Christmas and we provide the holiday meal and serve it but this year we are not aloud to do that because of the flu problem so we have been asked to donate new packages of tube socks for them and make 200 Thank you note cards for them. Your image will be perfect for that. I was going to make 50 cards to donate. If this is something you won't allow to be done with your image, please let me know and I will not use your image, but if it is, Thanks for the great easy to put together idea for me.

Jerilynno, sure you can use the image for your soldier cards. Have fun!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving and a week full of smiles!



  1. OOOOOO...YUMMY!!! Pinwheels!!! I still do that to this very day when I have left over pie dough! And the kids always loved it too! Beautiful sentiments, Peggy! And you did a beautiful job altering them. Love you lots!!!

  2. I just LOVE crust! Aways did cinnamon sugar but wow the pinwheels sound YUMMY!!! And your sentiments are really lovely! They are always the toughest part of the card for me. xxD


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