Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cinnamon Apples and Vintage Images Yum!

Wow! Thank you all for such a warm welcoming. I’ve had such a great time this week reading all the wonderful comments from everyone. If you’d like to send me a picture of your project that you’d made with the cutie Snowman, just send me a link or an image via my email address, which is over there on the right somewhere, and I’ll post it on the blog.

One post I’d like to talk about

Sheri said

Thanks so much for the darling snowman and puppy but for preserving the past. I LOVE all of your images and would buy them in a heartbeat if I had a pc. nope - just a MAC. I drool whenever I stop by. I wish you had a place where you could sign up to get updates into your mailbox so many do. Can't wait to play with this cutie. Thanks again!

Sheri, I have great news for you, my CDs do work on Macs, so stop your drooling girlie. I’m not a Mac user, so my knowledge base is very limited but I’ve had some great Mac helpers, thanks Lana and RubySlippers. The one thing that may not work for you is the autorun application that is on each CD. You’ll have to go with the manual access to the folders using Finder. I do believe that there is a Mac utility that runs a Windows app but if you don’t have that utility, no big deal, just use Finder and you’ll be able to get to the folders and images. I’ll also see what I can do about setting up the blog for automatic update notices.

So some of you might be thinking, what is she talking about, what is an autorun? It’s a little program that’s added to each Vintage Greeting Card Image CD and it automatically starts up when you put the CD in the drive. My autorun app displays a cute image that has icons that you can click on and it takes you right to the folder of images via the Windows File Manager application. Once you’re in File Manager you can select an image, copy and paste, move up or down in the folder, print an image or any of the other File Manager activities. Sometimes, the main image displays kind of low on the monitor and you can’t see all of the icons. If that happens to you, just left click and hold it on the image and drag it up just a bit.

Ok.. now some fun stuff, my sweet sis sent me an email on Halloween and she wanted Mom’s recipe for popcorn balls. Well… I couldn’t remember how Mom made them (sigh) but I do have Mom’s handy dandy recipe book that she used for everything, so away I went looking for the recipe. Mom’s recipe book is the wonderful Betty Crocker’s Cook Book that has everything under sun in it. By the way this makes a wonderful Wedding Shower gift, it has all the basics and will pretty much teach someone how to boil water. (smile) I couldn’t find a date anywhere but I’d guess it’s from the early 50’s might even be from the 40’s but I’m not really sure. Well Mom’s cook book is kind of ragged at the edges. It was well used and has definitely seen better days. The back is off and the index is long gone so I had to page through the different sections to try and find the popcorn ball recipe. What a hoot! I haven’t looked at it in quite a while and had a few chuckles as I perused the different sections. Anyway, here’s one recipe that made me chuckle:

Red Cinnamon Apples with Tiny Pork Sausages

Beautifully colored apples with little sausages sticking out at perky angles. Marian South (now Mrs. Russell K. Johnson of Davenport, Iowa) perfected the recipe as a Christmas Eve Supper specialty when she was on our Staff.

Boil together 5 min ….
1 cup sugar
½ cup water
1/3 cup small red cinnamon candies
Place peeled-side-down in the hot syrup and cook 5 min ….
6 cored firm apples (peeling removed from top halves)
Meanwhile, brown in skillet ……
18 little pork sausages

Remove apples from syrup and place peeled-side-up in individual custard or muffin cups or in 1 large baking pan. Place 3 browned sausages in center of each apple. Pour red cinnamon syrup over all. Bake until tender. Serve hot in leafy green wreaths of watercress or lettuce … accompanied by fluffy rice with hot Cheese Sauce.
Temperature 350 (mod. Oven).
Time: Bake 30 min.
Amount: 6 servings

So there you go…try this recipe for the cinnamon apples with perky little sausuages and make sure you have a modern oven.

Have a great day and I hope it’s full of smiles.


  1. LOL! What a fun recipe, sis! I might just have to try that! The grandkids would probably get a kick out of it! I still haven't tried the popcorn balls. Hopefully next weekend! Love ya!

  2. Hee hee hee! CUTE! It sounds like fun to me! Ummm, perky FUN! LOL! Thanks for the recipe girlie! HUGS!


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