Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Sis

Hi Everyone,
Tomorrow, Sept 17th, is a very special day and with all the good intentions I had, I must admit that I failed my task (sigh!). Not without good reason I might add, but the results are still the same - I didn't get my project completed on time. So, I decided I'd do a blog tribute for my wonderful lil' sis. I hope you enjoy.

Some of you know my lil sis as Sharon, Sherri to us. She is almost exactly 4 years younger than myself and she was number 4 out of 6 in the sibling range. So armed with that information, here's a short rendition of Sherri's travels through life.

This is where it all started. We weren't from a wealthy family but I also wouldn't classify us as poor. We always had food on the table and clean clothes to wear and every once in a while we were treated with a special outing for an ice cream cone. That's me way over on the left, Sherri and then our two younger brothers. The older two brothers aren't in the picture although the oldest brother's picture is hanging on the wall. Notice how Sherri is just eying that tricycle! She can't wait to get her hands on it!

I'm not sure if this is Kindergarten or 1st grade but it doesn't really matter. Mom would always complain about your hair. She just couldn't understand why it wasn't growing!

Second grade and aren't you just the sweetest little angel? I think the veil was hiding the horns (smile)! Notice the hair is still being really stubborn!

First Communion was always a big event. Of course, the house was full of people and mom was busy doing one of the things she did best. Busy in the kitchen cooking for a huge family gathering to celebrate your big day.

I'm not sure how old you were in this picture, maybe in 7th or 8th grade? There's more hair but it's still pretty slow in the growing department.

Father Daughter dances were always a big deal and so very special. As I remember, it seemed like Daddy was always busy, if he wasn't working, he was bowling or golfing. Daddy held two jobs while we were growing up. The poor guy had to, after all he had 8 mouths to feed on his salary. So when we had his full undivided attention, we felt extra special.

Check out that hair! Puberty must have helped a bunch!

Wow! Already we're at your High School graduation! I don't remember attending it but surely I did! Such major changes occurred between the Father Daughter Dance and Graduation. You guys moved to Kentucky and you had to adjust to a whole different way of life. You've grown into such a beautiful woman where did the time go and how did you grow so fast!

Wow! More changes in our lives, I'm getting married. Isn't she just the most beautiful Maid of Honor that you've seen? I still love the dresses, the hat might need to go but at least everything wasn't yellow! LMBO

We're up to your wedding day. What a beautiful bride! But did you really have to pick yellow as your primary color? Zombie world here I come! My skin color and yellow just don't get along! LMBO

You're off and running now! So many challenges are ahead, houses and kids, bills and work, what an adjustment!

This is one of my favorite pics of you and the kids! Such gorgeous children and a beautiful and accomplished mom. How proud I am to call you sis. If I remember correctly, this pic was taken during a pretty stressful part of your life. I remember how proud I was of you during this time. You seemed to handle everything so well.

Here you are in the 1980's, so many changes have occurred. You're now a single mom, you've moved to Reno and started a new life. You've met a new man and you are charging ahead with a full head of steam. How courageous of you to take this step. I don't know if I would have been able to exhibit such courage. While celebrating Thanksgiving in Texas, I remember a certain handsome stranger came and knocked on the door and the family had their first glimpse of Randy. How we all laughed when we found out he'd won enough at the casinos for the plane ticket and was able to spring his surprise visit on you. I thought then, what a sweet, sweet man and what a keeper! I think he immediately won over everyone's heart.

Oh one other thing, check out that hair! It's hard to believe that at one time mom had a concern that it would never grow! LMBO

1990's here we come! What others may not know is how big of a camera bug you are. Anyone need a pic taken? lmbo You've married that handsome, wonderfully funny man, the kids are pretty well grown and on their own. Hmmmmm, I wonder what hobby will take up all that extra free time?

Have a wedding to give? You can't find a better helper than lil' sis. Working together, we've set up 3 weddings, not counting our own. One we had to do twice because it was an outside wedding and of course it just had to rain that day. And wouldn't you know it, everything was all set up and had to be all torn down and reset. Oh my, what a day! After the rain, the sun came out and the weather was just absolutely beautiful. The ceremony and reception went on without another hitch and a good time was had by everyone.

Ok enough with the yellow.... Hey it's the same shirt only 2 years later. Now I know you're wearing it just because it's my favorite color, right? (wink wink)

Awwwww... this is one of my favorite pics of you two. Such a cute couple! Ahhhhh Smoochie Smoochie!

So now we're almost current. But what would a tribute be without a somewhat current picture of the clan. Aren't the tee-shirts just the cutest! Created and made by lil' bro - on the left. Who knew the whole family is soooooo talented. lmbo You may not be able to tell but the image in the center of the tee-shirt is big bro's - on the right - bald head. We had quite a laugh over that one!

So, I hope you've enjoyed the tribute to lil' sis' life. I didn't cover all the events in her history but hopefully enough to give you just a little insight into her past.

I love her dearly, my wonderfully talented, sweet, awesome, lil' sis and I hope you'll help me by wishing her the best birthday ever. So please, please, take a moment and visit her blog and wish her a very Happy Birthday.

Yup... I stole it.... heehee

I just wanted to make sure you knew what she did with all that free time and it was sooooooooooo appropriate. lmbo

So now off you go, here's the link to her blog

Happy Birthday Sis with all my love



  1. Awwwww,'re making me get all teary eyed! What a sweet and wonderful sister you are to make a tribute to your sweet sister on her birthday! I loved seeing all the pictures of Sherri, reading your stories and of course I love her too! HUGS girlie and have a lovely day!

  2. Oh gosh, you sure made me laugh and cry too! LOL! Thanks so much. You know I love you more than life itself, and I wish I could give you a huge kiss and hug for doing this! I feel soooo honored and blessed! I'm extremely lucky to have you for my sister!! Love you, Peggy! Thanks so much for making my birthday so special!
    love and hugs!

  3. What a wonderful tribute, Peggy! I have just howled at watching my online friend grow up before my very eyes! I'm with you on the yellow...not my favorite color either! Thanks for sharing your wonderful little sister with us all.

  4. Oh Peggy, what a wonderful tribute to your beautiful sister! She is such a fabulous person and I am honored to know her, if only through "the web". I am an only child but this tribute is making me wish otherwise. How lovely to have that bond!

  5. Peggy..... Sharon bade me come visit this wonderful tribute to her. It's fantastic, I laughed, got all teary eyed, smiled bigtime. I adore Sharon, she is a bloggy friend whose talent I so admire. I loved your story and photographs.

  6. oh my well i finally got a moment to view all this wonderful stuff...what a wonderful thing you did big sis had a wonderful loving family...yeah i said it...I guess you didn't know that sharon is my big sis...we are heavenly sisters and I love her....Sharon you turned into a loving, kind happy to be able to call ya my sista....and Randy is such an awesome guy..I remember the time when I met you both...such a fun couple...big hugs and HAPPY BIRTHDAY...

  7. Ohh Peggy! What a loving post. I've definitely got tears too. I've been so remiss at visiting blogs but must immediately go wish Sharon a happy day (kind of late, but better late than never!) xxD

  8. Wow! What a beautiful tribute to your sister! You made me cry! The bond between sisters is one that can not be broken. I too am a Sharon that is called Sherri to everyone in my family or Sher for short. My sister is my best friend and I do not know what I would without her in my life.

  9. OMGosh.........I had no idea Sharon was your lil Sis! She is such a dear, sweet person & a very special online friend! jaw hit the floor with that one! LOL
    You're so very fortunate to have each other. Thanks for sharing all those cute pics.

  10. This may be late...hehe...but...I adore your sister so much...and she adores you!! I am sitting tears reading your beautiful and I know...well deserved tribute to your amazing sister!! You two are obviously so lucky to have each other!!! BTW..I had to wear yellow in my brother's wedding 35 years ago. I'm still not over it! LOL AND!!!one more BTW!! I love your work too....and have had no idea you two were related..(smacking myself on the forehead!)


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