Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Free Vintage Wedding Shower Image, New DT Member and Christmas Vol 13

Happy Wednesday! I have some great news! The wonderfully talented Heather has agreed to join the Design Team. Heather finds the time to maintain the BBTB2 blog site as well creating her own works of wonder. She brings great talent and diversity to the team and we're so excited to have her join us. Be sure and check out her blog by clicking here and give her a hearty and warm welcome.

Now some more exciting news, Christmas Volume 13 (yes I went ahead and made it 13 lol) is complete. Now, all I need to do is create the CD label and get all the images ready for the posting. You should be able to find it in the Shops late Friday, early Saturday at the latest. I love how this CD turned out! It has lots of Santas, Snowmen and kids. You'll find all kinds of animals from puppies to kittens, to reindeer, to rabbits to even a giraffe. There's a card from Okinawa and the Rhine River and even a couple Florida cards. Do you love art deco? There's tons of the post card type with lots and lots of art deco. The video has been uploaded to YouTube and is ready for you to review. You'll see all the fronts of the cards and some of the secondary images but the sentiment/verse pages were left out to save time on the video. I hope you take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and check out it here.

I've spoken before about cleaning the cards and you may be wondering what I mean by that. I collect scrapbooks, lots of them... I love it. Some of them are pretty dogged eared by the time I get them. They're bent, stained, torn, flocked etc. but to me each one is special. The original owner had a special reason for saving their cards and taking the time to put them into a scrapbook. It was a work of love and I can feel that love as I browse through them and work with the cards. So I try and honor that love by taking the time to bring the life back into their cards by restoring them to their original beauty. Here's an example of a before and after Wedding Shower card. Make sure you double click on the image before you save it.



Depending upon the type of damage and the image detail, it can take hours to clean it up. And yes, it can get pretty tiring. If I get totally bored, I just move on and come back and work on it later. It's very challenging and yet satisfying. So I hope that gives you a little insight on what it takes to share these wonderful images with you.

I hope the rest of your week goes great and that it's plumb full of smiles.



  1. Wow!! What a difference between the two cards. That is amazing!!

    I'm now on the hunt for Halloween cards for you. :D

  2. That is incredible! Thanks for sharing this Peggy!

  3. NO questions from me about how hard you work, sis! I know full well! This image is beautiful! You're so generous!!
    Love ya!

  4. This is such a lovely image. Amazing that you can restore things like this. Thank you for your generosity.

  5. How beautiful - and how much work you put into cleaning up that lovely vintage image. I remember seeing cards like that in the 50s. Vintage is always a favorite of mine and I am glad to see someone honoring the beautiful old cards.


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