Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Journey Down Memory Lane - Betsy McCall Paper Dolls

Just a short post tonight, tomorrow we're heading off to Washington DC for a few days. My son is in the final stages of a job interview and has to be there Tuesday for some additional tests. So we're going to ride with him and spend a few days out east visiting sites and seeing family. Should be a lot of fun.

My other son is going to take care of shipping my orders, so the stores should be just fine while we're gone.

I did want to share a site with you this week. I received an email from a fellow ebayer a while back and she pointed me to her blog. I'd totally forgotten about the Betsy McCall paper dolls that I used to just salivate over when I was a child. I couldn't wait for my mom to get her McCalls magazine and finish reading it so I could cut out the paper dolls. They kept me busy for so many hours. Well this site has all kinds of paper dolls including Betsy McCall. Take a journey and a look at this fun site. Jordan and I have already had a blast, but she went for the Strawberry Shortcake paper dolls, so much for a journey down memory lane (smile).

Have a great week!

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