Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snow Geese and Free Vintage Image

Have you ever seen a flock of Snow Geese during their migration? They've been stopping at a local lake for several years. The other day, I made a point to go out and check them out. What an awesome site! The flock was huge, it had to have thousands of geese in it.

The noise level was deafening but it was so windy that all the camera picked up was the sound of the wind. It was truly an awesome sight and experience. I'm going to try and get out there again before they continue their journey.

Anyway, I took along my trusty little camera and tried to video them. Now I sure won't get any awards for the video... next time maybe I'll take a tripod. lol. So grab your dramamine and watch the video. lol You have to click the play button to start it. Be sure and watch it until at least the 1 minute mark where the geese take flight.

If you interested in learning more about snow geese, here's a great DNR film.

To celebrate and honor the Snow Geese and the coming of spring, here's a sweet little goose for you. She's probably not a snow goose but she's pretty close.

Just like the snow geese, I have thousands of images to choose from. So, if you need a special type of image for that special project, just contact me through one of the stores or send me an email

Have a great week, just plumb full of smiles!


  1. Wow Peggy, I've never seen anything like that! Beautiful! Adorable image too! xxD

  2. What a sight! Enjoyed watching it, although I am now feeling a bit queezy! LOL! Thanks for the sweet image!

  3. Wow great videos Peggy and gorgeous image too! Will definitely use her! My son has used all my ink up today doing assignments for school and upcoming exams so I've put an order in tonight for more! Will be back in action as soon as I receive them!

  4. What an awesome sight to see! Thanks for both videos, and I LOVE that adorable image of the goose. She's so cute! Thanks so much!


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