Thursday, February 11, 2010

PeggyLovesVintage Contest

OMG, I had great intentions for this week. I planned on posting every day and having promo's for the contest but my poor ole body just didn't want to co-operate. Have you ever had any problems with your Trapezius muscle? Boy, if you haven't I sure hope you don't! This muscle runs from the base of your skull, down your neck and back and across your shoulder. My poor muscle has been cramping all week and I tell yah, it is worse than labor pains. I'm the kind that can take quite a bit of pain before I complain, but I tell yah, this is has almost brought me to tears several times. I've been living off of aspirn, Motrin, icy hot and cold packs for almost a week. The cause is too much time spent on the ole PC. The solution is more breaks from the PC and keep from hunching up those shoulders while sitting there. It is getting better but oh so slowly. So take heed, get those breaks in there and keep those shoulders down while typing.

Ok, enough of that, on to the contest. What can you use PeggyLovesVintage images for? That's a good question! My images are scanned at 600 dpi, that gives you plenty of pixels to play with. You can make the image bigger or smaller and still have a super quality image to work with.

I prefer to work with acrylics and although I've been missing my craft for a while, I still love to get the paints out and create something. I'm a terrible sketcher, I always say I can't draw a straight line, so I always use a pattern for my paintings. I'll print off an image in the size I wish and use tracing paper to transfer the basic lines of the image to the particular medium that I'm using. Most of the items I create are given away, so it was kind of hard for me to come up with images. But, here's a few that I was able to round up (smile).

Lighthouse on canvas

Santa on glass

Scarecrow on wood

So what else could you use them for? Well, do you remember the darling cake which was decorated by picklebelle. This turned out really cute and I can't wait to try it myself. I'm sure my icing job won't look nearly as nice as picklebelle's but it sure will be fun to try. Here's the link to the picklebelle post

And here's Julie Ann's box that she created using a bird from the PeggyLovesVintage Child's Birthday Volume 1 CD found here You can visit Julie Ann's blog here

So now, off you go, get that entry put into the contest comments area here or send me an email with a picture of your project. And to help spur you on, the first and third new entries that come in after this post is published will be able to pick 1 free cut out from the stores. So hurry, get your project entered, only 1 entry per project please and thanks.

Have a day plumb full of smiles!



  1. Oh Peggy, I hope you feel better SOON! What fabulous ideas for your images! I will definitely be thinking out side the box. Hugs, D

  2. OUCH!!!! Sounds like you need to go to the doc and get a muscle relaxant, sis! Of course I know all about your fabulous pieces of art and love them ALL!! You take care of yourself and feel better soon! Love you!!


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