Friday, May 7, 2010

Free Vintage Image and Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there. I sure hope you all have the best day ever!

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I'm still in the flower mode. I can't really say why, maybe it's because the winter was so nasty that Spring really seems like a blessing. Our Irises are blooming now and the Peonies have buds, so hopefully it won't be too long before they'll be open as well. But anyway... here's another flower image that caught my attention. I just love the little ditty. It seems a tad bit Irish to me so maybe I should have included it for St. Pat's day... but I think it just rings of spring! Click on the image before you save it so that you get it at the full size.

I did try my hand at decoupaging. I don't think I've ever tried this particular craft so it was a new experience for me. I had a little 5x7 wood plaque that I had purchased at a local craft store so I used it as my base.

I painted my plaque with acrylics using a sea sponge with lilac, pink and white. I thought that would look really pretty but when I added the image it was just too busy. So a little bit of sanding and then a new paint job with just plain old white... lol

I probably should have done some research on decoupaging but instead I just jumped in and started. I used a spray glue to coat the back of the image and attached it to the plaque and then started coating the whole thing with Mod Podge. Well, it didn't take long for me to see the error of my ways.... wrinkles everywhere... lol Guess I didn't glue my image down tight enough or didn't let it dry long enough. Oh Well! Lesson for the future.

After a couple of coats of Mod Podge I cut out some additional copies of the numbers, some leaves and a few lilac blossoms and added additional layers for dimension. I then coated them with the Mod Podge.

For embellies, I had a couple sparkly butterfly buttons in my stash and here's where I learned lesson number 2. The buttons had the little plastic thread rings on the back and I wanted to cut them off so the butterflies would sit flat on the image. Well they're teeny tiny buttons and I didn't want them to fly away after they were cut so I had them cupped in my hand while I was cutting. Well I bet you can figure out what my lesson is.... lol It sure hurts when the scissors include a little skin in the cutting! My palm now has a nice little oval area of skin that's missing the top layer... lol.

I had originally planned on adding some vintage string pearls around the edge of the plaque but because the image was so wrinkly I decided to save them and use some little gold beads I had in my stash. I added some vintage buttons on the corners and then glued some little lilac heart buttons to the center. I added my clock works that I'd purchased at a local craft store and my project is complete. So what do you think? Other than the wrinkles, I think it turned out pretty good.

I'd also like to share some photos I've taken of some gorgeous spring flowers. They just make me smile!

I hope you have a great Mother's Day, plumb full of smiles!


  1. Darling free image Peggy and your clock is beautiful! thanks for the Modge Podge tips. Haven't done any of that either. OOOOwWWW! Sure bet that hurt. Who knew crafting was so dangerous! Gorgeous flowers! Isn't this a fabulous time of year? Happy Mother's Day! xxD

  2. Thanks for the spring bird image. And I love James Whitcomb Riley. Very lovely flower photos. It's hard to resist taking pictures of all of them, isn't it.

  3. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the Cutting category today [08 May 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  4. Thanks for the cute image - I love it! If you ever need help with decoupage, swing by my blog. I'd love to help! :D

  5. Very pretty, sis! One tip...use the mod podge for everything, including to glue it on. I't messy, but VERY effective. I just kept a slightly damp paper towel handy to wipe away the excess as it squeezed out the back of the image. Love all the flowers! Are those in your yard? Beautiful! Love ya and a very Happy Mother's Day!

  6. I loved working with the PLV images and it was almost hard to select which one... But I kept coming back to that lovely sailboat surfing the sea. A lot of the other gals picked that one too so it is a winner. Thank you for sharing these images with us on the BBTB2 team.


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