Sunday, September 2, 2012

Baby's 1st Year, Halloween and a Free Vintage Image

Hi Everyone!

Well, here it is the last official weekend of the summer. The kiddies are all back in school, the busyness of summer is winding down. It's been so hot and dry here, that I'm kind of looking forward to the fall weather. How about you?

Last post, I told you all about the Baby Shower for our dear sweet Candie. I had a blast playing a role in the creativeness of the shower. I must say that it really put babies on my mind. This week I watched a Barbara Walters show, I think it was called "Extreme Parenting". She told a story about a 59 year old woman who had the baby urge so bad that she did In Vitro and wound up giving birth to twins - after she turned 60! Oh My Gosh! That could be me! I can't image starting all over! I wish her the best of luck, but I'm so glad that it's her and not me. lol I decided I'd satisfy my baby urge in a much easier and different way.

I'm always getting new scrapbooks and I have so many cards that I've scanned that are just waiting for me to straighten them out and clean them up. So I decided I'd browse through them and look for some new baby images to share with everyone. So that's what I did. Whew! that's so much easier then having new twins. lol

Anyway, I complied some cards for Baby's First Year. The collection includes Baby's 1st Birthday, 1st Easter and 1st Christmas. At the moment, the collection is listed in my Art Fire store as single images.

Aren't those just the cutest? If you wish to see more - take a look by clicking HERE .

And coming soon to Art Fire will be some new Halloween images - hopefully they'll be listed sometime this week. But for now here's a sneak peek.

And just one more image for you. This one is a freebie... I thought she was such a cute kitten that I just had to share. lol Now make sure you click on her before you save her.

Have a great week, plumb full of smiles!



  1. Oh they're all so cute! And love the freebie too, sis!
    A new baby at our age?? ACK! You could kill me now! LOL! Tell those boys to get busy baby makin' so you can have another little one to hold, and then send home with the parents. :) Love you!

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Bee Craft Inspirations, under the Page 1 post on Sep. 11, 2012. Thanks again.


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