Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Cheer and a Free Vintage Image

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Are you ready? I'm not, but I am getting closer! It's been a very busy week with trying to get ready for Christmas and trying to help my DFIL and DMIL.

My DFIL is out of the hospital now but he has a huge climb ahead of him. And truthfully, at 82 years of age, I'm really worried about it. We haven't found a specialist yet but we're working on it. One place told us that they won't take his case because he's on Medicare and they already have a waiting list! Now how sad is that? It breaks my heart to think that there are others out there like dad and they're being denied treatment because they're Medicare patients. What's wrong with this picture? We're trying to get him into another place but they want all the documentation first before they'll agree to accept his case. I guess this place is "picky" about what they will and won't treat. In the mean time the clock is ticking away. Dad may only have 7 months to live if the cancer is not brought under control.

I'm really afraid his age is going to put a huge damper on who'll accept him. Even though this man is 82, he is strong as an ox and very active. A lot of his family has survived well into their 90's and we're so hoping the same for him. He does have terrible back problems but once he gets a hold of you, forget it, you're caught and you're not going to get away. A favorite story we like to tell to new friends is how he paid for his beer in the old days. Times being what they were, entertainment money was on the short supply. But dad didn't usually have a problem. He'd meet someone at a bar and would sucker them into betting that he couldn't bend a quarter using only his fingers. Well for most, this would be a winning bet. There sure aren't many people that can bend a quarter using only their fingers. But dad sure could, and of course he'd win every time! I can just imagine the looks on their faces when they watched him bend that quarter! I bet they were pretty amazed and I'm sure there were some pretty dramatic reactions.

So how's your stress level? Is it really up there because of all the things that must be accomplished before Christmas? Mine is way out there, but as I check things off my list, I feeling much better. So I thought maybe I'd try something fun. My SIL and I spent quite a bit of time together while we were taking our turns with dad at the hospital. Of course the conversations sometimes drifted to discussing our partners and the things that drive us crazy about them. This gave us a good laugh because no matter how much you love someone, there are just certain things that just drive you nuts! So I'd love to hear what things your partner does that just drives you absolutely crazy!

I'll start....The things that really drive me crazy deal with my kitchen. I'm 5' 4.75" inches tall, which isn't very tall but it's not really short either. We've been in this house for almost 30 years, and the kitchen has been organized pretty much the same for all those years. The plates have been in one spot, the serving dishes in one spot, the canned goods in one spot, etc. etc. with the items which are used the most on the lower shelves so that I can easily reach them without having to find a step stool. You'd think that hubby dear would eventually recognize this and would know where a can of beans belongs or where to put that bowl or plate. But alas, he can't seem to get this concept into his brain. Once in a while, he'll try to help out by emptying the dish washer. Oh my goodness, I spend a week in disarray because stuff hasn't been put where it belongs. I hate spending 20 minutes looking for an item because it's not where it belongs. And it's not like logic is used on where he wants to move the item to! For example a serving bowl may be put in with the pots and pans. This drives me absolutely bonkers! Over the 36 years we've been married, I've tried to develop what I call Larry logic. When something is missing I switch to "where would Larry put it" mode and look in the most unlogical places. I also throw in a little "put it in a high place so Peggy has to use the step stool" mode and low and behold I usually find that missing item! But it can sometimes take me a while to locate it.

The second most maddening thing also deals with the kitchen. Every once in a while, he'll decide to help with the dishes and I always think how sweet! Here's his recipe for doing the dishes. Partially rinse the plates, making sure there are a few bits of green beans left on them, stack one plate on top of another without draining all the water, set on top of the dishwasher... oh but make sure the top plate is completely empty of water. Stack the glasses one on top of the other, making sure to leave a little tea or milk in the bottom of the glass and set on top of the dishwasher... oh but make sure the top glass is completely empty of any liquid. Gather together the silverware, making sure not to rinse and set them on top of the plate stack on top of the dishwasher. Now take care of the pots and pans, make sure all specs of food are removed but just use water to rinse, do not use soap and stack them on the stove, so one can't determine whether they've really been washed or just rinsed. Dry your hands and leave the kitchen, dishes are done - everything is nicely stacked on top of the dishwasher, even though it is completely empty and ready for a new load. We've had several discussions over his recipe for doing dishes but it just doesn't seem to get through. One time I decided I'd leave his nicely stacked dishes for him to finish. They sat there for 3 days before I gave up and finally finished the task! After a few baths with dirty water from the plates and smelly sour milk, I've learned to take the stack back to the sink and start all over! God bless this sweet man!

So now what's your story? Does your significant other have a trait that just completely drives you mad? Surely SIL and I are not alone and there are others out there who have similar stories. I'd love to hear them!

So in honor of my dear sweet hubby and his wonderful kitchen skills, I thought I'd offer this sweet image for your use. Be sure and click on it so you can save it at maximum size.

I hope with all my heart that you have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas! I truly appreciate all my followers, old and new, and hope that you have a Christmas that's just plumb full of smiles!



  1. Oh Peggy this is absolutely adorable and Thank You! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Merry Christmas also!

  2. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the Cutting category today [23 Dec 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  3. Adorable image. I'm so glad that I'm not hte only one that struggles with the concept of what clean means. My unforgetable story is that my husband moved to our next duty station 2 months before I did. I went to visit for the weekend a month later. The Army has a facility that loans out kitchen stuff so we stopped by to pick up pots, pans and a few dishes. We then went to the grocery store. While we were there I picked up dihswasher tablets, my husband said we need some liquid soap too. I'm thinking hand soap. Nope, we also needed liquid dish soap. The entire month my husband had been there he had only rinsed his dished clean. He was only eating sandwiches as the man can't cook but he puts Miracle Whip on his sandwiches.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your famuily Peggy! I hope you have a joyous and healthy new year! Thanks for sharing the image. :-) Amy

  5. Love this sweet little image!

    Sorry to hear about your DFIL...glad he's doing better now!


  6. LMBO!!! Oh gosh...what could I tell you about my dear Randy...well..he's one that will leave the house without ever saying boo! It drives me up the wall. I'll go looking for him and he's gone. LOL! I should have known this as he did the exact same thing the very first night I met him. We were out with some friends having a drink, I went to the bathroom and came back to find him gone. So we left too thinking he had just taken off cause he found out I had three kids. ("typical guy" we thought). That was on a Friday night. He called me on Sunday saying "do you know how hard it is to find a number for "Sherri" in the phone book?". LMBO!!! I told him that we thought he had taken off cause he found out I had three kids. He told me he had to get gas, so he thought he'd do it while I was in the bathroom, and that he came back to find us gone. HAHA!!! But he has never changed in 22 years. He still does the same thing, and it still drives me nuts. LOL!

    Love ya sis!! And LOVE LOVE LOVE that image!!! I can't even wait to use this one!!!!


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