Monday, June 7, 2010

Free Vintage Image - Bon Voyage

How's everyone doing? Great I hope! Are you planning a vacation for this summer? We don't have any plans for a trip. We've been trying to figure out when we could fit one in but it looks like just about every weekend has something going on. So it's going to be tough to schedule something. I would love to at least get in a week of camping with the grandkids.

Have you ever taken a cruise? I haven't but I know lots of people who have. I'm convinced that the cruises of today are primarily big tourist traps.

Did you know that Germany lead the way for developing the huge cruise ships. Also, that Germany gave America and Britain cruise ships as reparations for World War 1? Prior to 1920 transatlantic ships mostly carried supplies and immigrants. But in the 1920 to 1940 time frame, rich American passengers replaced the immigrants. The ships catered to the rich and famous. They enjoyed luxurious settings featuring elegant food and on-board activities like swimming pools and tennis courts.

It was a big deal back in those days to take a voyage on a ship. The event was truly celebrated with pre-cruise parties and welcome back celebrations. I can just imagine the excitement and anticipation that preceded the voyage.

Today I'd like to share an image from a Bon Voyage card. I love the color combination and the composition of this card. I've included several renditions so that you can either use it as a Bon Voyage card or for some other project that you may have in mind. Make sure you double click on the image before you save it.

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I hope you're having a great week, just plumb full of smiles!


  1. Fab images Peggy! I can see using these alot! Thanks so much! xxD

  2. Cool info, sis!! Love all the neat facts you give us. Awesome image too!
    Love you!


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